Sunday, August 26, 2007

Downloading Etiquette ~ Please Remeber to be Gracious...........

Six years ago I had the benefit of being introduced to the Montessori philosophy. I have been a proud part of it's community since then.

I have felt the overwhelming need to give to this community as much as possible so that the seeds that have been sewn by Maria, will grow stronger and wider.

Within these years, I have watched many pioneers carve new paths in Montessori education and single handedly drive the incredibly high prices of materials down. This has allowed regular people to be able to bring Montessori Home, existing schools to bring Montessori into their classrooms, and the creation of new Montessori schools to be seeded as it is no longer out of reach to outfit a Montessori school.

When visiting these sites, please remember.......if it is.......

Give your thanks, nice comments, and appreciate the time that was spent.

If it is not perfect or what you expected.........silently move along.....Remember that if it does not benefit you...... it does benefit someone else and ultimately..... it will continue the seeds of giving in the Montessori community.

Which benefits us all.... especially the children, for whom we do this and whom know not of perfection.

Please Remember as role models we need to be Gracious........... Thank You for reading this.
*All that is the highest ability, thought. and action in me, greets all that is the highest ability, thought and action in you*